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Ikea and My Dream Kitchen

I am not a great fan of Ikea but I admit to using their furniture for a great amount of time. They are affordable, and last probably about two years.

This last weekend, I inevitably had to head to Ikea, my first time since we came back to Singapore. I have deliberately avoided that place until now. In China, if you want to be pick-pocketed, see shirtless and publicly snoring men in bed, pushed and shoved like in Tokyo’s peak hour train rides, share the “canteen” with nine thousand other families of seven (child + parents + 4 grandparents), wait three hours in line to pay up for the one mug you want to buy while five hundred others ahead of you pay for their million-dollar purchases in cash, then you could go to Ikea on a weekend. The pleasant experiences have been perfectly etched in my memory, there’s even a term for it. Psychologists call this post-trauma stress disorder.


(Courtesy of Daily Mail)

But Ikea in Singapore is tame in comparison. And once again, I am reminded of its affordability. Trying hard to convince myself I don’t need any Ikea lamp or chair or table or anything…. I left, empty-handed, but still thinking about its perfectly set-up, almost dream-like kitchen display that I tell myself vehemently “it’s gonna break down in two years time”.

Instead, I came home and started my online research on kitchen cabinets and was pleasantly surprised with what I can find. Like this “Sweet House” 20 ft customized kitchen cabinets for less than SG$5000 that includes the kitchen countertop, sink and faucets.

Or this corner storage lazy susan I saw in my cousin’s house – it’s very popular in the US.

Or this garburator that I intend to install, if I can find someone who knows how to do it.


I wonder why the garburator still isn’t popularized in Singapore. It’s so convenient and eliminates all the food waste that pollutes our kitchens and environment. Not to mention preventing all those nasty roaches and lizards that roam while we sleep….

So, while I dream about my dream kitchen, perhaps you can tell me where to get all these items, cheap, in Singapore. Drop me a note at the end of this blog post.

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