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Money No Enuf – The $40K Challenge

There’s a reason why this blog is called BudgetReno. We intend to do it all, under a shoe-string budget. Just the other day, I asked a friend how much she spent renovating her kitchen. It was a 3-room HDB and she didn’t engage an interior designer. She did simple but functional changes like knocking down walls and tiles, new kitchen cabinets, and sliding glass doors to open up the kitchen space. And it came up to SGD30,000. Yep, just the kitchen. Alone.

That left me quite stunned for words. Or perhaps am just too naive to think that I can do the entire house, including flooring, furnishing, appliances, remodeling kitchen and two bathrooms – all under $40,000. At least, that’s my hope. So, my friends, here I present my wish list and budget expectations for your sanity check (or ugly-but-the-truth feedback). I just hope I am not too off the mark when we eventually start working on the renovation.

Necessity  Estimated Cost (SGD)
Sofa 1,500
Dining table + 6 chairs 1,500
Retrofit kitchen cabinets 3,397
Kichen hob and hood set 1,099
Kitchen sink 445
Hacking kitchen wall and floor tiles 2,000
Retiling kitchen wall and floor 1,000
Refrigerator 600
Washing machine 539
Hacking bathroom wall and floor (x2) 3,500
Retiling bathroom wall and floor (x2) 2,000
Guest bathroom shower screen 800
Master bathroom shower screen 800
Master Bathroom faucet (vintage brass) 93
Master bathroom basin (vintage brass) 252
Common bathroom faucet (vintage brass with ceremic) 72
Common bathroom basin (vintage brass) 252
Child’s bed 250
Child’s toy rack 100
Fresh coat of paint (lvg rm + 3 bedrooms + kitchen) 1,550
floor lighting in lvg room 500
lighting in dinning area 583
lighting in kitchen 100
lighting in bathroom 100
lighting in 3 bedrooms 600
bedside lighting in child’s room 169
Electrical wiring 500
Plants or blinds to block off neighbour unit 500
Movers fees 200
Internet connection 60
Sub-total 25,060
Good to have  Estimated Cost (SGD)
Air con for living room 1900
Dish washer 849
Undersink erator 269
Oven 399
Dryer 599
Standalone sink+cabinet for laundry area 400
Sound system 500
Coffee machine 200
Lounge chair 900
Knock down the kitchen and yard wall 1000
Knock down kictchen and living rm wall 1000
Kitchen island table/bar top 500
Feature brick wall against sofa 800
Wooden living room floor (lami or vinyl) 2000
Carpet tile for R rooms (lami or vinyl) 500
Grass carpet for living room 500
Curtains 1000
Sub-total 13,316
Grand Total 38,377


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