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Print Me Some Lights, Please

Call me a geek. I am a sucker for anything fashionably techy. A fellow entrepreneur involved in a start-up researching on 3D printing in new materials (can’t tell you what material this is – it’s top secret), piqued my interest before 3D printing hit mainstream media last year. In case you’ve been living in a cave, this is what 3D printing is about. Watch it in action here:

And the coolest 3D printing companies is none other than Stratasys (for the printer itself) and Shapeways (for its platform of designers and consumers). Watch their story of how they started and in turn came to dominate the 3D printing. (See their site here as well)

Here are a few of my favourite lamp shade designs from Shapeway:

3D printed lamp shades Bloom-Table-Lamp-by-Patrick-Jouin_1 1671396-inline-ivory-lamps-on-black-bg


Shapeway lamp shadeShapeways offers printing in plastic (in various grades and transparency), steel, brass, bronze, silver sandstone and ceramics (see material page). Like this lamp on the left from Shapeways cost US$250 (shade + lamp stand, excludes shipment cost). 

Cool isn’t it? I want one too!!!!

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