Good interior design and renovation need not be expensive

It’s official now

Finally, after killing off quite some trees at the banker’s and lawyer’s offices, we’re now officially owners of a 1550 sq ft, 14-year old condo unit somewhere out there in the remote corners of tiny Singapore.

In recent past, when one purchase a property, the ‘moment of truth’ was in having the new set of keys jiggling in your hands, as if holding a newborn baby for the first time. Today, our ‘moment’ came in the form of punching in a new string of numbers and swiping our finger prints on a digital lock. It’s one of those moments when even I had to lament that we’re officially living in the era of Internet of Things. I had to convince my mother-in-law our digital lock is as safe as the traditional lock-and-key.

But she’s right, punching in numbers somehow felt different from clutching a bunch of keys in hands. Like when cordless phones first emerged, I missed getting my fingers entangled in cords while talking on the phone, it’s a nuisance to the next person using it, but oh, what a comfort that was to me. I feel my pockets lighter without having to bring a set of keys everywhere I go, but I don’t get the reminder as much that I am a new home-owner now. Especially after having to pay more than a million for a teeny weeny apartment we now call home, I had hoped the reminder could be a little more substantial than just a plain ole string-o-numbers.

Substantial or existential, it’s official now. Let the renovations begin!

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