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The Wonderful World of Online Shopping – Our first online purchase

We shared earlier that we were on a tight budget, so I’ve started experimenting with purchasing some necessities online. And here is our first official purchase: a under-sink waste disposal machine (the Americans call it Garburator) we bought from AliExpress, the international arm of Ali Baba. 

So, why not get this from Singapore?

1) Garburators are not widely available in Singapore

2) In places that sell them, it costs upwards of SGD400 for the smallest capacity and least powerful motor.

3) Garburators are not officially approved kitchen gadgets – no one in Singapore’s educated government ranks seem to know what it is, so that’s a grey area. 

My garburator bought from Ali Express costs less than SGD250 (including shipment) and it has the largest capacity and a powerful 2.75mhz horsepower motor that promises to grind kitchen waste to less than 2 mm in size before sucking it away into oblivion, saving me the headache of unclogging kitchen pipes and stinky smells. With its many virtues, I don’t understand why Singaporeans don’t use it as much.

And the service is impeccable! Almost unbelievable, must add. Less than 12 hours after I submitted my purchase, a sales staff emailed me asking me if I would like her to replace the plug to the British squarish types (vs the American/China plugs that were the default). When I didn’t respond (wasn’t checking my Ali Express account that diligently), she called me, on my Singapore cellphone! Can you believe it!? She was urgent in getting my response because her company is running a promotion campaign and giving out a 10% discount, but since I placed my order only hours before the promotion started, she had the permission from her boss to give me free gifts in lieu. Am already very impressed by now… as you can imagine. 

She then went on to say she will write a lesser value on my airway bill to save me import tax. And also note that this is a gift so I may not even need to pay local tax. Am like…. WONDERFUL! Before she hung up, we chatted further and I asked her for installation tips. Seriously, bystanders would have thought am speaking to my BFF. 

Less than two weeks after our conversation, my package arrived. And this is what we got:

Our first online purchase is here!  

It is carefully wrapped in layers and layers of bubble, cardboard, more bubbles, styrofoam and cardboard inside.Image.

More bubble wrap…


And now, we finally see our garburator.Image



It was as described, when we purchased it. These are the spare parts at the bottom of the box.


Another close up of the garburator.




And it comes with an installation manual.Image

We couldn’t be any happier! 


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