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A Fan of the Artemis – Part 2

Am happy to report that we’ve finally got our Artemis fan on our hands – hand-carried from Hong Kong to Singapore! Here’re some pix to entice you.


This new lover of mine (fortunately) didn’t get a seat next to my hubby, or someone will be green with jealousy by now.


Just to be sure – it is a fan. Yes, our box was ripped up by the custom officer as expected. Not many would be crazy enough to buy ceiling fans while on a business trip. But at least the customs was kind enough to seal the box so our fan remained intact during the 4-hour flight.


And this is what you see when you open up the box. The base and light cover is actually metal (probably zinc alloy) made to look like wood, but the hanging rod is solid wood.


A close up of the base cover.


And this is what it looks like on the underside.


Removing the top layer, you will see the three curved blades lying beautifully in here.


The fan blades are really carved out in beautiful koa wood. Running my fingers on it, I can feel the wood grain and smell the wood even. There were some online reviews I read claiming their Artemis fan isn’t really made of koa wood. I am not sure why they would say that. Mine is certainly 100% made of wood. Maybe they bought a replica?


At the base of the fan blade, one can clearly see the wood grain and the feel the roughness where sandpaper didn’t smoothen out properly. I kinda like that – it wouldn’t look real if every nook and corner is smooth as plastic.


And this is where the heart of Artemis is – the motor. Looking complicated.


The remote controls.


Lastly, the warranty and certificate of authenticity.

Verdict: Couldn’t be any happier with our purchase. Love the wood – absolutely love it! This isn’t a fan, it is a work of art. And we made the right decision to buy this from Hong Kong rather than Singapore. We have potentially saved more than SG$2000 by buying an eco-friendly fan rather than an air conditioner, and for buying this from HK, we have saved another SG$500. I think my hubby is thanking me secretly, even if he has to lug this all the way from Hong Kong. Let us install it and then write a final post about how wonderful the air above our heads is.



7 comments on “A Fan of the Artemis – Part 2

  1. Awesome
    April 25, 2014

    Really good looking fan


    • budgetreno
      May 4, 2014

      Thank you! I’m loving it already, even if we have not installed it yet.


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  3. Eugene
    October 30, 2014

    Hi, I’m planning to do the same from the very same shop you have purchased in Hong Kong. Like to find out whether there are any additional check in baggage fees and custom fees incurred? Thanks! Your fan looks great!!


    • budgetreno
      October 30, 2014

      Hi Eugene, no additional baggage fees, unless you already exceeded your check in weight limit set by the airline. When my hubby brought the fan back to Singapore from Hong Kong, he only had a small hand-carry and no other checked baggage. It helps that the fan isn’t heavy, about 9 kg including its packaging. There are no custom duties to pay either when we entered Singapore. Since this is for personal use, you don’t have to declare it either. I would highly recommend that you get in touch with EL:ar first and arrange for payment. They unfortunately don’t have a method of paying online, so we ended up paying them in cash. My hubby carried the exact amount he would need to pay El:ar in HKD, put them in a sealed envelope and handed it over to the hotel concierge instructing them to pay when their delivery guy arrives with the fan. He couldn’t meet them in person as he had meetings all day. It went as expected – in HK, there is a high level of trust and integrity, so you can rest assured nobody’s going to run away with your money.


      • Eugene
        October 31, 2014

        Great! Guess I should be travelling light to cater for the baggage weight limit. I’m glad that there are no extra charges. Thanks a lot for your advice! Cheers


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