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Moving Mountains / Toilet Bowls

My mum always said I was a dreamer and indeed I am. I had a vision of how our bathroom can look like (see post here), we managed to achieve some of it, but my inexperience in renovating meant some parts of that dream can’t be realized. Still, everything has to begin somewhere, and dreaming of your dream bathroom is not too bad a start.

Last post, I spoke about how we wanted to re-position key elements in the bathroom, such as the toilet bowl. This turned out harder than moving mountains. There were constraints we had to deal with – low ceiling, elevated flooring due to bigger pipping, potential smells, higher chance of clogging (2-ply toilet paper from now on) and the list goes on…. But the dreamer in me can’t resist trying it out.

First, we had to hack the entire bathroom wall tiles, floor, and remove the bathtub, vanity top, sink, toilet bowls. Everything.


The blacker part of the wall is where the waterproofing material once was.

Next, the plumber laid the pipes. Here you can see they laid two 90-degree pipes. The “inlet” is where the new toilet bowl will be. The “outlet” leading down into the ground was where the toilet bowl once was. We had the tiling guys lay the wall tiles at the same time to save time.


Next, we had to decide on the floor height. Because of the two 90-degree pipes, the floor has to be elevated at least 10 inches from the ground. But we had a false ceiling to the right of those big fat pipes that housed the water heater tank – and that can’t be moved either. And here’s where the dreamer in me comes in – I thought, why not have a cascaded flooring? Sitting perched on higher grounds while using the toilet bowl appeals to me. And cascaded flooring helps me keep the water where I want them to be. So this is what we did next:


We created three levels at 12 inches, 4 inches and 2 inches in height. The toilet bowl sits higher than the rest to accommodate for the big fat pipes, the rest sits lower but still having some height to keep splash in and prevent shower water from flooding the bedroom.

Here you can see a clearer picture of the height difference.


And this is what I learnt – your plumber can be your best friend if we take the trouble to understand their job and how things are done. I like my plumber (leave a comment if you want their contacts). He understood what I want to achieve and has a can-do attitude. Highly recommend.

3 comments on “Moving Mountains / Toilet Bowls

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  2. David
    June 21, 2016

    Would it be possible to let me have your plumber’s contact?Redoing my toilet and hunting high n Low for a good plumber. Thanks a lot


    • budgetreno
      June 29, 2016

      Hi David, I don’t know my plumber’s name but I know he owns a hardware shop at Sims Ave. The invoice he gave me is from this shop called Viva Nueva Pte. Ltd. 496/498 Sims Ave. Tel: 67446938. You can try calling the shop to ask.


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