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Feature Walls That Really Stand Out

There are many ways to create a feature wall. Most paint it, some use wallpaper, others tile it with interesting mosaic, yet others knock part of it down to expose the red bricks for a vintagy look. We chose to hang grass on two of our largest walls for a 3D effect – and they really stand out well.

First to begin with, we actually wanted a vertical farm in our living room and started with some research. There were factors such as adequate sunlight, irrigation, water collection and pest breeding that made the farm idea, well, just an idea. While I like the texture and effect of real plants indoors, the maintenance work is just too much. So i thought, why not synthetic grass instead? You put it up, and you’re done with it! No watering, no mosquitos problems, and it doesn’t die.


So we visited several nurseries in the Serangoon, Thomson, Bukit Timah and Choa Chu Kang areas. Most of them sell real plants, some sell synthetic grass of different density and edging. We found prices that differ from $10 to $50 per sq meter. Then there’s the soft grass and the harder, more prickly type. There’s a vast variety of ‘green” that all looked the same until you put the samples side by side.

We finally picked one that was of medium length (2 cm long), high density (i.e. more artificial fibre per sq cm), and relatively good edging so that it does not fray when cut. Most nurseries sell them by the roll of 2m in height. It’s best to measure your walls and draw them down on paper how you like the pieces to be placed before going to the nurseries. This is so you can tell them exactly what lengths you want and have them cut it out for you.

Now hanging a bale of grass up on a wall is quite a different story. We underestimated the weight. Our walls are roughly 2m by 2.8m in size, and a roll of synthetic grass of a similar area is at least a good 10 kg. We asked contractors and friends for advice, none have experience to share. We googled and nothing much came up. So we devised our own methods which we will share in our next post.


Two tubs Tiger Glue (1 gallon each) = $60
Synthetic grass pieces = $450 (cash and carry, no delivery)
Pen knife, double-side tapes = $10
Total = $ 520


We got what we want  – a 3D feature wall, at less than half the price of what interior designers would have quoted you, and lots of fun doing it together as a family. It’s moments like these that you feel everyone has a part to play in making the house a real home. The grass walls exude a warm, lively look to the house that makes having meals at our dining room a pleasure and perks up even the dullest of spirits on some mornings. Never cease to amaze anyone walking into our apartment and definitely a conversation starter. Will we do it again? OH YES, that’s a no-brainer for me.

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