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Choosing Where to Locate Your Feature Walls

We spoke about our ideas for feature walls in our last post. The two key questions to ask before you even begin are:

1) Which wall/s will be your feature wall/s?

2) What is the mood you want to create with those wall/s?

Most Singapore apartment owners would choose their feature walls to be located where the TV console is, because I guess that’s where a family normally sits together at the end of the day. But we don’t have a TV in our house (no, we seriously do not have one). We spend time together in the kitchen and dining area more than anywhere else, so we chose our primary feature walls to be two large walls leading into the kitchen and adjacent to the dining area. Our secondary feature wall is a smaller, but equally within sight, is the wall just behind our sofa, where we read books with our children and play pretend theatre using the sofa as a stage.

Here are some feature walls that I like:

This old school look is very serene:

And something very simple but outstanding nonetheless:

And this is what a more typical Singapore apartment feature wall looks like – which is too sedated, too white and too “ID-nary” for our liking:

For our primary feature walls, we chose to hang grass on them to create a tropical, greenary look, something like this:


We like nature, and want to be surrounded by things that look close to nature. Our “green” home is our little haven even when we’re surrounded by high rise buildings and traffic noise. The “green” inside our home will blend into the real green plants that we’ll be planting just outside our windows in built-in planter boxes that came with the condo design.

Our secondary feature walls where the sofa is, is painted a spicy red to evoke a home-sweet-home country feel, like this big red barn.



We think the color scheme of red and green works well together, if nature is anything to go by. Red roses with green leaves, red barns adorned with green grass. So that’s what our living rooms shall be.


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