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How to Create Feature Wall with Grass

If you enjoy nature and just can’t get enough of it, why not bring it into your home? That’s what we did! Even if you’re not living in lush, green, tropics, you can still have your greens by using synthetic grass on walls. Here’s how we trial-and-error our way to hanging bales of greens onto our primary feature walls.

Step 1) Line the wall with double side tape. Long strips along the wall, give extra tape for sides that are exposed to weather elements (e.g. near windows) or human traffic (e.g. corridor).



Step 2) Using a measure tape, and  marker, measure exactly the pieces you need and make markings on the underside of the grass patch. Our wall is a L-shape with two 2m x 2.8m walls, and one 1m x 60 cm wall.

Step 3) Using a pen knife, cut along the sewing lines of the grass from its back end (the side without the fibre). The blades will need to be sharp to cut up nicely.


Step 4) Using an old scraper (I used an old baking spatula), put a thin layer of Tiger Glue on the wall surface until you cover almost every inch of the wall. Let it dry for a day at least. If you are more adventurous and pressed for time, you can use Maxbond, which does not require long drying time, but you will need to use nails to hold the grass in place as Maxbond takes at least 3 days to dry out. 

Step 5) Using the scraper or spatula, put another thin layer of Tiger Glue on the side of the grass that will be in touch with the wall. Holding two ends of a grass piece, position it up the wall while using a small hammer to flatten the grass. You probably need at least 2 pairs of hands to do this.

Step 6) Using any regular paper scissors, cut away any stray ends, or grass edges that overrun the wall.

And you’re done!

Copyright of Budget RenoThis is how our walls look like now:

The black and white tiles are the adjacent kitchen walls. We like the sharp contrast in colours and texture. From the grass to the tiles to the wooden table, it’s a snazzy combination that makes DIYing worth all the trouble.

Copyright of Budget Reno



5 comments on “How to Create Feature Wall with Grass

  1. June
    August 27, 2014

    I love love love your grass wall!
    And admire that you DIY!

    I’m thinking of doing one for my balcony. Would you share where you bought the grass? And how tough is it to put them up?

    Thanks and look forward to seeing more of your Reno 🙂


    • budgetreno
      August 28, 2014

      Hi June, we bought the grass from 1-800-Flowers Pte Ltd, No. 18 Tampines Road Hougang Floral Centre (Tel: 6285 2239). Depending on the size of your wall, you may have to cut it into smaller pieces to stick it up, which we had to do with one of our walls. We learnt through trial and error with the other wall that driving nails into the wall to hold up the grass while applying Maxbond below works just as well, and you don’t have to cut up the grass. Our walls are pretty big – about 2m x 3m area.


      • June
        August 29, 2014

        Thank you sooo much for the lead.
        Your website is really fantastic!
        Happy weekend!


      • budgetreno
        September 3, 2014

        Thank you for the encouragement! Will certainly be posting more as we go through this very long but fulfilling journey of getting an apartment livable.


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