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Our Paper Kitchen Countertop

You read it right – our kitchen countertop is made of PAPER. Yes, the kind of newspapers, magazines,  cardboard etc. that you sell to the garang guni man for a few cents a kilo. In our last post I mentioned about the types of countertop and their pros/cons. Having weighed out factors such as cost, maintenance, the look and texture we want to achieve, my final decision is to go with a paper composite for our countertop. Here’s why:

1) Despite being made out of recycled paper, they are hard as stone due to the formaldehyde- free plastic resin that is mixed into the paper to make them strong and resistant to scratches.

2) Reasonable pricing is a key factor in our tight budget. It is not any more expensive than granite, cheaper than marble and stainless steel. It is slightly more expensive than the solid surface, but in terms of durability and longevity, paper composites have a supposedly longer life span.

3) It’s so easy to clean! Just some soap and a clean towel to wipe it up every night. It’s so hardy, I dared say it’s hardier than stone. No kidding!

4) It gives a texturized look to the kitchen which is incredibly important for us. Our countertop mimics a concrete look, which goes perfectly well with the black-and-white tiles on our walls, and softens the overall look to make the kitchen a warm, pleasing and inviting place.

Here’s a sample of our concrete-looking paper composite and the model name: Paper Composite Countertop For more research about paper composites, you can read up here, here and here.

10 comments on “Our Paper Kitchen Countertop

  1. Z
    January 8, 2015

    I’m shortlisted KompacTop too!


    • budgetreno
      January 9, 2015

      That’s great! They are a very professional team, really loved working with them. When will your installation be completed?


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  4. nylcaj
    November 2, 2015

    Thanks for posting this! I was reading about the various countertops on Apartment Therapy and wondered whether the kompactop fell into the same category as the paper composite they had suggested! This definitely confirms my choice for an Eco-friendly countertop! I had considered recycled glass but it was far too expensive and I had preferred the wooden look. Great site you have here btw! Will be useful in prepping for my Reno next year!


    • nylcaj
      November 2, 2015

      Oh. Sorry. I mean the kitchn. Just noticed you had linked it up! Haha. I was just reading that same article.


      • budgetreno
        November 2, 2015

        Thank you nylcaj. Yes, we love our paper countertop. It has been a year and a half now and looking as new and as good as before. In fact we are renovating the laundry area now and decided to use the KompacPlus top as well in that area. It definitely made washing up more pleasing to the eye and easy on the hands too.


      • nylcaj
        November 2, 2015

        I read some issues about water spots around sink area in the sites your referenced to. Did you experience that?


      • budgetreno
        November 2, 2015

        No water spots issues so far. I just do regular soap+water wipe down at the end of the day and the top is still looking good as new.

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