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Installing our paper kitchen countertop

In the last post, we spoke about why we chose to use a paper composite for our kitchen countertop. Here, we show you how it was done:

First, the installation team came to make exact measurements and build a frame/mould by which the final product will be cut accordingly.

Making a frame

After about an hour, our final frame looks like this:

Final frame

They are just a few pieces of thin plywood stapled together. Our countertop will be cut based on this frame, so it’s crucial that the installation team makes it as precise as possible, especially the rounded corners.

After about two weeks, our paper composite top is ready for installation on site. Paper countertop installation

My carpenter has put a layer of hard plywood as a cap on top of our cabinets, so the installation team’s work is made easier during this stage. All they need to do is to put lots of glue (MaxBond) on the plywood, then lay the paper countertop on top of it.

MaxBond on the plywood before laying the paper countertop

They also laid lots of silicon as a form of water proofing around the sink, kitchen tap and our ceramic hob.

Silicon around the sink and tap

Now the team just needs to lay the top on the plywood. There is a joint where the horizontal piece meets the vertical piece on our L-shaped countertop, but as you can see below, the joint is very smooth, hardly visible, I would say. This meant that water seepage through the joint is greatly reduced, and of course it is aesthetically more pleasing, compared to say quartz or solid surface countertops.

Joints on our paper countertop

And then it’s done!  This is what our kitchen looks like, after about a month of usage.

Paper composite countertop is done.

VERDICT: We absolutely adore our kitchen top, well at least me. Our kids abuse it every chance they got, but our paper top has held up well. The concrete-like grains helped us achieve the industrial look that we want. And it’s been so easy to maintain, any man will marry her if she was a human!

If you also own a paper composite countertop, tell us about your experience!

2 comments on “Installing our paper kitchen countertop

  1. Denise
    September 26, 2015

    Hi, I just found your blog and read everything about your reno, looking at the cost of the new kitchen cabinetry and paper countertops, it looks like what I need to redo my kitchen. a Paper composite countertop is exactly what i was looking for. I did see your link for kompac plus, and was wondering what kind of cabinetry and what contractor you used. Thank you for your time.


    • budgetreno
      September 27, 2015

      Hi Denise, I didn’t have a contractor, coordinated most of the things myself. I have a trusted cabinet maker who is also a family friend. He helped me make the entire kitchen cabinets minus the top. Once the cabinets are done, Kompacplus will come to your home to do a frame and then return another week or so later to install the top. I hope this helps.


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