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Grand Designs and Life Lessons

Late bloomers like us just caught up on UK’s famous house-building series, Grand Designs. It’s a series that’s been running for the last decade and now into its fourteenth season. Not only does it provide lots of grand designs (as its title suggests) for reference, there are also lots of life lessons to be learnt. One of my favourite episode is this:

A Japanese house set in the midst of rolling hills in Wales:

Lesson: Stick to your guns, even if experts say you’re crazy
Mathematic professor and his Japanese wife, both with absolutely NO experience in building a house, insisted on a budget of £175,000 and parted ways with their architect when the latter said it’s not going to be enough. Sometimes, even experts can be wrong.

Lesson: Never say never
Foolhardy or just plain optimistic, husband-and-wife team managed to get it all done with just one piece of pre-planning drawing that their architect did for them, just before they parted ways.

Lesson: Dare to challenge status quo 
Japanese larch is typically not used in UK for construction purpose because they were thought to be too soft. But Japanese wife thought differently – they are used in Japan, why can’t they be used in UK? The couple went with their guts and purchased £15,000 worth of Japanese larch, against wood experts’ recommendation. The larch is then tested against the more commonly used spruce – a ground-breaking discovery, larch turns out to be several time stronger than spruce and is now dubbed “super wood”.

Life lessons indeed! We hope you enjoyed this episode as much as we did.

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