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Kitchen Transformation – Gutting It Out

The condo development is 14 years old when we bought it. We liked that it is spacious, but like many older development, there are way too many nooks and corner spaces that are not well used. The original kitchen space was separated into a cooking area, laundry area, maids room and a utility toilet, each with walls and doors that made the already tiny area into a maze (except it wasn’t amazing at all). The pink cabinets screams 80s and the cheapo vinyl countertop completes the look of a dismal, disheveled, tired kitchen. This was the “BEFORE” look (know what I mean now….):


So we decided to give it an overhaul by first gutting it out. Nearly all the walls were taken out, except for the utility toilet. All wall and floor tiles were knocked out. All water pipes and electricity unfortunately have to be knocked out too.


Since we decided not to have a live-in maid (ever), we knocked down the maids room too.

What was previously a maids room

By hacking those walls, we easily tripled the amount of cooking space, which meant I can at least fulfill eight out of the 10 requirements I had in mind for the kitchen.

Now, the next problem we had was the kitchen ceiling. I didn’t realize that our upstairs neighbour’s waste water pipe was running into our unit until the workers removed the false ceiling that was concealing it. To save on cost, we decided to keep the false ceiling where it is. I would have loved exposed pipes, but waste water pipes – nah.

Waste water pipes hanging overhead

We didn’t really have a plan of where our appliances, cabinets and food prep spaces are going to be. It was really a matter of hack first and see what happens next. Here we learnt valuable lessons of advance planning.

But, with the not-so-amazing maze walls down, it is now much easier to visualize and I ended just making markings on the bare sandy floors where each appliances need to be. This will then determine where our socket points and water pipes need to go. It’s a major remodel that I wasn’t expecting. But will I do it again? Oh YESSSSSS!!!!!!

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