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3D Print Your Own Mansion

No one does big scale like the Chinese. A Shanghai tech company 3D-printed an entire six storey high apartment and mansions. Can you beat that!?

The large scale structures were produced, piece-by-piece, using an offsite machine measuring 7m tall, 10m wide and 40m long, and then put together at the Suzhou industrial park. A specially formulated ink made up of concrete, fiberglass, sand and a hardening agent, is used as it is flexible, self-insulating and is resistant to strong earthquakes. This efficient construction method saves 60% of the materials, 70% of the time and 80% of the labour needed when compared to building a typical home, and are aiming to establish many affordable homes across china, in the future. (Source: Caixin)

I think HDB should consider 3D printed public housing as a means of bringing down Singapore home prices.

winsun-3D-printed-apartment-designboom01 winsun-3D-printed-apartment-designboom03 winsun-3D-printed-apartment-designboom04 winsun-3D-printed-apartment-designboom05 winsun-3D-printed-apartment-designboom06 winsun-3D-printed-apartment-designboom08

3 comments on “3D Print Your Own Mansion

  1. agogo22
    January 23, 2015

    Reblogged this on msamba.


  2. Joan T Warren
    January 23, 2015



    • budgetreno
      January 23, 2015

      Looks real to me, and it is reported by Caixin, a very reliable media outlet. I have heard of printing building materials before, but guess no one has got the guts to do it big scale yet, until the Chinese did it.


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