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Termites! Help!!!!!

Our apartment is on the 19th floor of a 23-storey high-rise condo block.Yet we are not spared of any pest problem. I’ve tackled lizards, ants, and now – termites!

Termite myth 1: You have to stay close to the ground to experience termite problems

Truth: Termites have wings, they fly during the warmer and rainy seasons (which is all year round in Singapore). We are a few hundred feet above ground, and we are not spared. Infestation can spread too if your neighbours have poorly maintained apartments.

Termite myth 2: Termites infestation only occurs in damp, dark, woody areas. 

Truth: Termites feed on cellulose found in wood and books etc, and they will build mud walls/tunnels to access their food source. Their mud walls/tunnels can appear anywhere, even in concrete cracks, metal window sill – and sunny spots too. I discovered termite mud walls today when I raised up our floor-length curtains to sun our master bedroom. And there you see it – termites having a sun tan in our window sill, at the sunniest spot in the house.

Termites on my window

So I called in the pest controllers who were engaged by our condo management for an inspection. His experience tells him that this mud tube/wall has only been around for a few days at most, which explains why I didn’t see it the last time I raised up our floor length curtains. (Damn, these pests work fast!)

He did some spot treatment immediately after inspecting to make sure the infestation has not spread to other areas. For spot treatment, he used a highly toxic termiticide which he squirted into the termite mud wall with a syringe-like tube.

Guess I won’t be sleeping in our room for the next few days until the pest guys come again to completely get rid of the mud walls. And for this, the pest has made me $100 poorer today.

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