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DIY Christmas Trees

Ah! Christmas is coming and we’re finally getting into the joyous occasion. It wasn’t until a month ago when it dawned on me that I don’t have any Christmas decoration in the home to work with! We gave our old Christmas tree away when we left Beijing. Our apartment has no storage space for a decent sized fake tree now, nor a live one, if I can get my hands on one fast enough (these things are popular in Singapore it seems).

Desperate, I dropped by Spotlight at Plaza Sing to see what’s out there. Disappointed. Everything looks nice and beautiful, but we simply don’t have the storage space for it. Not wanting to leave the shop empty-handed (I know, I fell for their sales tactics), I bought a box of LED Christmas fairy lights (200 bulbs) for SGD6 (it was on half price that day).

With that box of lights and some Blu Tack, I fashioned my own Christmas tree, well, really just an outline of it on the wall, and added some decorations I bought from Daiso. And that’s it! Our “tree” does not look anything like those you find along Orchard Road, but it exudes its own magical, warm spell when lighted up at night.


Our 2D wall Christmas tree casting its magical spell at night.

So here are some other inspiring DIY Christmas trees I found on the web. Maybe next year I will try out one of these. Which is your favourite? Let me know in your comments below.


Now Santa Claus can kiss Mummy under a ladder tree too. Not kid-friendly, but certainly adult-friendly.


Sticks and rope may break my bones but they make beautiful Christmas trees too!



Now that’s what I call “personalized”!


Ever dreamed of a Christmas tree designed by award winning interior and surface designer Giles Miller? Well, I think this cardboard Christmas tree beats any of those found along Orchard Road. They do catch fire though, so be careful!


Who says Christmas trees have to look like pine trees? This screams “My Way” the right way.

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