Good interior design and renovation need not be expensive


When we bought our 1550 sq ft condo unit in Singapore, we were horrified by the kind of quotations interior designers were giving us for what we thought is a straight-forward renovation work. We believe Singapore’s renovation industry is ripe for disruption in this highly fragmented, old-school way of doing things.

Our blog documents our experiment in trying to renovate our apartment without the middlemen, and on a tight, modest budget of SGD50,000 for labour costs, furniture, carpentry, appliances and what not.

We believe in being an eco-friendly household. Singaporeans throw away far too much furniture, clothing, and gently used items. We will reuse and recycle as much as we can.

We believe in DIY. Family bonds can be cultivated if everyone chips in their part to build this nest together.

We believe by cutting out the middlemen and design agencies, families can save quite a bit and stretch their creativity. You don’t have to subject yourself to those boring cookie-cutter showroom-look-a-like designer flats.

So thank you for following our blog! Write to us if you have any money-saving tips or simply want to work with us to explore this SGD50,000 challenge!

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